Hurricane Ian 2022


Megan Lee, Writer

What was Hurricane Ian?

Hurricane Ian was a category four storm when it hit Florida in the early Fall of 2022. It was a hurricane that destroyed many homes and caused many injuries in Florida. Hurricane Ian developed over the center of the Caribbean Sea. It later hit Florida where it turned into a tropical storm on September 29, 2022 (“Hurricane Ian’s Path of Destruction”). Many families in Florida have been affected because of the storm. For preparation, many residents had purchased an extra supply of bottled water. This led to a water shortage in many grocery stores. Hurricane season starts in early summer and ends in the fall. The peak of hurricane season is between mid-August and late October (“Hurricanes”). Many Florida residents’ houses have been destroyed due to Hurricane Ian. Many floods and power outages took place during the strike (Omer).


The History of Hurricane Ian

On September 23, 2022, Hurricane Ian formed around the center of the Caribbean Sea. Three days later, it became known as the strongest September hurricane in that region of the Caribbean since 2007. Hurricane Ian then made its way to the southern Gulf of Mexico as a category three hurricane on September 27. The next day, Hurricane Ian became a category four hurricane, and  almost a category five hurricane in Mexico. It later came to Cayo Costa, Florida. Hurricane Ian tied the record for the fifth- strongest hurricane on record to hit the United States of America. On September 9, 2022, it weakened into a tropical storm as it crossed the Florida peninsula. Once the tropical storm had crossed Florida, it had upgraded into a category one hurricane. On October first, Hurricane Ian gradually disappeared over southern Virginia (“Hurricane… Ian’s Path of Destruction”).

Hurricane Ian vs. Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Ian and Hurricane Sandy are different because Hurricane Sandy hit the Nnortheastern states of the United States of America while Hurricane Ian hit southern Florida. Unlike Hurricane Ian, Hurricane Sandy hit the USA in 2012 (Rafferty). Hurricane Ian and Hurricane Sandy are alike because they were both major hurricanes. These hurricanes also caused many problems. For example, flash flooding and power outages were common during both hurricane strikes. Both hurricanes hit the United States of America in the 2000s. Like Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Ian killed and injured many people (“2022 Hurricane Ian: Facts, FAQS, and how to help”).

Black Residents Left Out of Relief Efforts

A black woman, Latronia Latson, who lives in the neighborhood of Dunbar in Fort Myers, Florida, said she couldn’t get to a relief center to get bottled water because the bus system isn’t working in her neighborhood. Latson also said that her stove and microwave unexpectedly stopped working post-hurricane, despite the power being fixed. She explained how the mostly white communities seem to be getting better relief efforts. Other residents in poor, majority black neighborhoods said that they were one of the last to get their power fixed. The residents explained that relief centers are being set up too far away for those who do not have access to transportation (Gamble)

Fixing Hurricane Ian’s Destruction

Many residents’ homes across Florida have been destroyed due to Hurricane Ian. People are  devastated to have their homes destroyed. Numerous people have attempted to rebuild their houses. Others’ houses may not have been able to be rebuilt, so they have purchased or are considering buying another house. Some residents have explained how rebuilding their house is a difficult and time consuming process. Because of this, a majority of people have bought a new house (Santaigo). 


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