Tik Tok


Taqwa Elmorsi, Writer

Charli D’Amelio was a famous person on Tik Tok in 2017 until March 2021 everyone was going crazy about what just happened! Someone finally beat Charli in fame it was all over social media ever since 2022. Tik Tok wasn’t all about who’s famous or not, it was about funny videos and getting people to laugh until Ethan Garcia joined Tik Tok and all the girls started liking him. He become very famous very quick and the only thing people would post is Tik Tok edits about him and every account he would make would get banned after a couple weeks. Ethan’s fame slowly faded away until someone named Jose started posting the same videos but with his face and that got him famous but not as famous as Ethan. That’s when people started talking more about Ethan again and people would say if Ethan had a son Jose would be his son because they had a lot in common.

Once the World Cup started that’s all you would see on your FYP (for you page). Neymar and other people were all over it! Tik Tok is turning into a app that is all about the celebrities that became famous out of nowhere. Tik Tok is also becoming something so different then how it used to be in 2019 over the years. Tik Tok would change and the app would change to different things and it would become more and more famous. Tik Tok has just become something no one can describe because of how much it would change and what’s famous these day and what is going on before something happens in the world. Tik Tok would already now about it somehow that’s how crazy this app is becoming and that is why it is so famous because people wonder what people are posting!