Interview with Ms. Bogart


Klaudia Chodakowska, Interviewer

Why did you become a P.E teacher?

She became a P.E teacher because she loved P.E growing up in school. She really liked sports!

What is your favorite sport?

Her favorite sport is softball

What is your favorite animal?

Her favorite animals are cats!

Did you play any sports when you were little?

She played every sport!

Do you play any sports now?

Not really, she just coaches them.

What sport is your favorite to teach to students?

Her favorite sport to teach is volleyball.

What is your favorite type of candy?

Her favorite type of candy is Peel off Twizzlers.

What is your favorite exercise to do?

Her favorite exercises to do are Deadlifts.

What do you like to do in your free time?

In her free time she likes to go hiking, kayaking, anything active, and going out to eat.