The World Series


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What is the World Series?  

The MLB World Series is a championship where two teams face off against each other to see who will win. They go throughout the MLB fields and at the end they go to one of the two teams fields. They mainly hold the World Series during the October month. This year in 2022, the two teams that went against each other were The Philadelphia Phillies and The Houston Astros. Javier Christian threw a combined no hitter to the Phillies in the fourth game. One of the many surprises during The World Series was how the Phillies lost after starting out with two great wins.

The History of the World Series

The World Series began in 1903 after the cessation of hostilities between the NL and the newly formed AL. Then in 1904 the New York Giants from the NL refused to play Boston, the AL champion who had one the year before. The seven game format was started in 1922 which then led it to be the normal format for every game in the World Series. Montreal and Toronto were granted MLB teams in 1969 and 1977. Also in 1969 The Mets won their first ever World Series. Toronto’s World Series win in 1992 was the first ever victory for a non-US team. This all continued until 1994 when a prolonged players’ strike forced its cancellation that year, but continued after that all the way to 2022.

Astros vs The Phillies

The Astros were a better team in the World Series because of many reasons. One reason is because they had better pitching then the Phillies which was good because that meant the Phillies couldn’t hit as much. They also played hard throughout the World Series and never gave up. They also had a big comeback in the fourth, fifth, and sixth game. The Phillies on the other hand started out great by winning two games but then lost it in the fourth. They had five home runs in the third game which was a big component to them winning that game. They also had a game saving catch in the first game. Some things they had alike was how they played hard to get where they ended up. How no one thought they would make it, but still made it to the World Series. Each team also had great hitting.

Why did The Astros win the World Series?

One reason for why the Astros won the World Series was because they threw the Phillies a combined no-hitter. They had an epic catch saving the game by Chase McCormick in the ninth inning saving the game. The Astros great hitting was also another big component to why they won in the end. In the fifth or sixth game, in the ninth inning, Justin Verlander threw an amazing slider ending the inning and winning the game. Since the Phillies had great hitting you’d believe that they kept hit bombs, but one of their number one hitters was struck-out and even admitted that his timing was really off. All of these things lead to the Astros winning the World Series in the final game.

The Astros combined no-hitter 

Although some people were fascinated by this no-hitter it was a big problem for the Phillies. This was a problem because if they hadn’t had that no-hitter then they would have had a great comeback and probably won the game. The Phillies did play harder the next game, but it didn’t help because of the catch from McCormick. If McCormick didn’t catch that ball the Phillies would have probably won that game. Although Phillies fans wanted to see them win badly, they didn’t win and in the final game lost the World Series. Now the Phillies had many problems but this one was the number one reason the Phillies lost the World Series.