Frozen Jr. Musical


Grace Panzitta, Writer

Hello! My name is Grace Panzitta, and I had a couple roles in the Thomas Jefferson Middle School Frozen Jr. Musical. I would like to tell you how it was rehearsing and playing the parts in the musical. I played Middle Anna, a townsperson, a family member in Hyge, summer chorus, and snow chorus. I was mostly Middle Anna and Snow Chorus, and let me tell you… every role was very important!

For rehearsal, we would have practice at 3:30 to 6 pm every Wednesday and Thursday. On Saturdays, we would have practice at 9am to 2pm! We would go through the whole play with some breaks. Ms. Love and Ms. Barbosa helped us and directed the play at the same time. They were very nice and thoughtful for all of the props and cast. I’m so glad that I signed up for the play because not only was it a great experience and helped me with my confidence and public speaking skills, it also helped me make more friends and get along with more people then I had before the play!

One thing that I wish that would have been better was the backstage. I wish that it could be a little bigger so that we could have more room for the quick changes and props that have to be moved on and off the stage. Overall, I think that the Musical was great and all of us had a blast working and acting with each other. Thank you so much Ms. Love and Ms. Barbosa for directing and helping us with the Thomas Jefferson Middle school Frozen Jr. Musical!