Why I Hate Bees


Taso Benos, Writer

A chilly October morning

My marvelous Mom dropped me off                                  

Without a warning,

Of what would happen that day…

Social Studies, so I learn

Excel, so I earn my grades 

With Mrs. Blake


We speedily stormed out

To take a autumn walk

Outdoor trail has never failed

Kindergarteners, we met

And we saw


An untied shoelace 

Almost made me fall

Then I stepped on a rotten log

That almost lead to Muhammad’s demise  

Let out the swarm of bees that I 

Most definitely despise


After angry comes angrier

The Calamitous crisis we lead 

Children overrun with dread

Swatting at the top of their heads


Would I make it out alive

Would I make it out alive

Could I survive

I thought to myself 


We ran with fear

Oh my! Oh dear!

Muhammad, with seven bee stings

He looked like he would my as well 

Be unbearingly burning

Crunch, Crash, Snap

As we scatter across millions of twigs

Careful where you walk outside

You never know where there could be something


We rushed the victims to the nurse 

As quickly as can be

She gave them all the help 

That they would possibly need

Bees may be friends for flowers

But definitely not to Muhammad

Now everyone blames the event 

On little old Taso


So the moral of the story

Goes for everyone to heed

Never be careless

And always think before you proceed