My Championship Soccer Game 


Katie Lee, Writer

Calm Coach Schumacher beaming from within

The challenging championship game but still at peace

Tedious teamwork is crucial for win

Putting on my confining cleats


Willingly warming up

Sweepers and Suicides, quiet and tame

Players practiced all of autumn for triumph

It is time to begin the game


We are going to win

We are going to win

We are going to win

We are going to win


The Rockaway Rams score smart

We are up by one

Killer kicks are a form of art

We’ll play hard until the game is done


Marvelous Mom cheers on the team

Busy bugs and buzzing bees

It’s a tie, they resiliently redeemed

I hope we win, please, please!


Our goalie groans as the ball skims past her gloves,

And slams into the back of the net

Boom! Pow! Kick! Shove!

Mrs. Mannello manifesting for a win, and not an upset


The restless referee blows his whistle three times

We were dismally defeated

I felt the gloomy grief of a lifetime,    

Because the season finally completed.