Tom Felton


Leena deRonde, Writer

Who is Tom Felton?

 Tom Felton is a British actor and musician, and is the youngest of four kids. Tom Felton played the role of Draco Malfoy in all of the Harry Potter movies, with the role of Draco Malfoy, Tom 

Felton won the MTV movie award for best villain in 2010. Tom Felton’s new book, “Beyond the 

Wand, The Magic Mayhem of Growing up as a Wizard.” Came out on October 18 2022.

Tom Felton’s Life 

Tom Felton was born on September 22 1987, Tom’s parents are Sharon and Peter Felton. Epsom, Surrey at 7 years old he sang in a Church Choir. In 1999 Tom was in Anna and the King; major film and in 2001 he played Draco Malfoy was Tom’s first film. Tom Felton also starred in horror movies, the horror movies he starred in were, The Disappeared(2008), Night Wolf(2010), The Apparition(2012). In 2011 Tom Felton was also in, Rise of the Planet of Apes, After completing his filming on Harry Potter.

Tom Felton VS Draco Malfoy 

In the Harry Potter series Tom Felton plays Draco Malfoy, but Tom and Draco are a lot different. Draco is a made up character and has a wizard family. In the movies Draco goes to a big collage type school to learn magic. Draco Malfoy is a Slytherin in the movies, but in real life Tom Felton is a Gryffindor. Tom Felton and Draco Malfoy didn’t really have a good relationship with Emma  Watson/ Hermine Granger when they first met. Tom Felton is a real live person and has a Muggle family. Tom also went to a normal school.   

Cause and Effect 

 Tom Felton’s new book “Magic mayhem Of Growing Up as a Wizard, Beyond the wand.” came out on October 18 2022. Tom wrote the book to let his fans know what it was like on the set of Harry Potter. The book is a look into Tom’s life before, during, and after the Potter films. He writes openly of his struggles with depression and addiction. In one of Tom’s interviews, and in the book Tom said “I never really expected anyone to read them”.In the book Beyond the wand” Tom said “It had never really been a book I intended to do (write).

Problem and Solution 

Tom Felton had lots of struggles with depression, and addiction on the set of the Potter films. Tom and his parents didn’t really get along well. Tom’s parents would always yell at him and his siblings and argued with them too.  The house that Tom and his family lived in was not a really big house but not small either. Their house was always loud all day with his parents yelling at each other and his siblings. Tom always wrote down his struggles in a notebook, and eventually wrote a book telling the stuff that happened during the potter film, and after, and before the Potter films. In the book he writes openly about his struggles with depression, and addiction. Tom said he never really expected anyone to read them, Tom also said that he never really intended to write the book.

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