How to Organize


Alexa Hansen, Writer

First, if you want to organize something, you need to plan out what room and what you want to organize. Lets do a bedroom for instance. If you want to organize you closet, first: you would take out all of your clothes in your closet and either put them in color order OR by size. Then once you have that organized as you want it. Then you will put aside all of the things you are going to need and what you don’t need. Don’t throw everything away until your closet is all organized and you don’t need any more changes.

Now, lets organize your desk. So, first: you will need to take everything off of your top desk. Then put your pencils, pens, scissors, etc. Make sure you have room to put your computer, skin care, plugs, etc. Once you have that all organized you will need to make sure that you put short/long things at the BOTTOM of your drawer. Start to pile up stuff with good things that go with your drawer. Start to then again, throw things away you don’t need and things you do need.

Now for your bed! First, your going to want to put your sheets on first, you can tuck them in to make it look nice. Then, put another cover on that’s not too heavy and not too light, tuck it in if you want. Then put a heavy cover on, I wouldn’t tuck it in. If you have a weighted blanket, put that on and DON’T tuck it in. Lastly, if you have another blanket, put that on and if you want to tuck it in, you can.

 I hope you enjoyed!


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