My First Homerun…?


Ethan Penn, Writer

Baseball games start with scores so far apart

But can end tight, with your beating heart 

Right, up against your chest

Even when you are playing your best

You can lose, 4 to 1 


Jock Jake comes up to bat


Baseball Bunt barely touched the bat

Safe but too close to tell,

The ball hit the mit but out it fell.

Really Relieved to get on base


Stupendous Staub ready to hit

Ball to obvious for the umpire, wanted to hit it

Waiting to Walk after 4 balls

Hardly Happy to be walked, 

The strike zone is very small.


Wyatt strong yet slow

Breaking Ball right into the dirt, very low.

Smart Strike right in the zone

bat had been thrown

Wasted Walk and could’ve hit a home run 


Me ready to hit the ball

Strike yet an obvious ball

Crazy Curveball close to the zone

Stupid Strike from that dumb curveball

Fast Fastball moving faster than ever

Crack from my bat straight to center 


Going, going, going

Running, running, running

Great Grand Slam right over the fence

Cool Coach Pete waits with the Outlaws at home plate

Proud mom and dad happier than ever

I wake from my dream right before I touch the plate