Interview with Mrs. Thomas


Klaudia Chodakowska, Interviewer

Why did you become a library teacher?

I used to teach ELA but in the library I see more than one class.

What is your favorite book?

An Impossible question!! But one of my favorites of all time is Lone Woman, about the first woman doctor.

What is your favorite dessert?


What do you like to teach about your subject?

Books (and eBooks, and audio books, and…) can both teach you things, and take you away into your imagination.

If you had a different job what would it be?

My dream job would be to work at the Library of Congress, OR to be a historical interpreter at a National Park.

If you could open your own library what would it have in it?

A little bit of everything, from baby books to books that make adults argue (& think!!!!)

Is it easy to keep track of books kids borrow?

Yes and no… the computerized catalog helps a lot (I first worked at a library where they had to be signed out by hand!).

Is there anything hard about being a library teacher?

A lot of things, from wishing for every book I see, to keeping the students actually interested and engaged in what I’m teaching, to lifting and moving heavy books and furniture (I move things around a lot).

What books do you like better, fiction or nonfiction?

I like them both equally!!

What is your favorite color?


What library do you usually go to?

I like my library now, Rockaway Township– but I also love my hometown library in Clifton.  There were lots of great little reading spots there.

What is your favorite animal?

Bunnies  🙂