FIFA World Cup 2022



The FIFA World Cup is the greatest championship in soccer. It occurs every four years during May or June, but this year it will be at the end of November through mid December in Qatar. The best thirty-two teams will be attending the Fifa World Cup Game and it’s a big showdown. There are sixty-four matches in the FIFA World Cup 

The FIFA World Cup History

The first FIFA World Cup competition was organized in 1930, held by the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), and was won by Uruguay. It’s been held every four years since, except for World War Two. This consists of international sectional tournaments leading to the final elimination of thirty-two teams. For the first time ever, an all-female refereeing crew takes the field to officiate a men’s FIFA World Cup match.

Women’s soccer V.S Men’s soccer

Women’s soccer isn’t as popular as Men’s soccer, only 21,756 (2018) people attend the Women’s FIFA World Cup game and three million people went to the Men’s FIFA World Cup game. The Women used to get paid less due to the face that they are not as popular. Even though US Women’s soccer has won multiple World Cups and Olympics as well. The reason is that since fewer people go to the women’s games and they are less popular they don’t earn as much money. This gave the women an opportunity to fight for their right to earn as much as the men do. U.S. Women soccer has been fighting for over 6 years to have equal pay. In 2022, U.S. House passed the Equal Pay for Team USA act, which will grant athletes to receive equal pay. On the other hand, men are very popular with fans, a lot of people would rather go to a men’s soccer game because it is of higher quality.  That has changed how much money the Women would earn, now they are equally paid as the men. The prize money they win in the World Cup is shared with the Women’s and Men’s teams. The prize money is equally distributed between both leagues. 

Highlights about Argentina VS France

Some highlights about the finals, Argentina scored two goals in the first half of the game, Messi scored the first goal in a penalty and Di Maria scored the second goal after Messi. Soon after the second half started Mbappe scored a goal from a penalty and the other one from a pass. When the game reached the 90 minutes and the whistle was blown this meant that both teams would have to go into extra time. This means that they will have to play two fifteen minutes halves and who ever scores will win the game. During the extra time, Messi was able to break the tie by scoring the third goal. Even though, Mbappe was able to tie the score due a hand ball from an Argentinan player. After the extra 30 minutes, both teams were tied once again with a score of 3-3, which meant that they will go to penalties. Both teams will select 5 players for each team to take the penalties. Each team will have a turn at it and will need to make sure it goes into the net. Argentina managed to score 4 of their penalties shots. France had one of their penalties blocked and one was missed. This is how Argentina won the FIFA World Cup, which means this will be their third time winning the cup.