Too Much Homework!


Sophie Zappulla, Writer

Kids love to play outside, play video games, and practice fun sports. Imagine wanting to do those things, but not being able to because you had homework assignments. No kid wants to sit through homework assignments. Sometimes, you could take even longer to complete homework assignments because you need help. Too much homework can cause a lot of stress, and that’s not good for a young child. Kids need to have more free time to so they can play and enjoy themselves. If there is a lot of homework to be completed, kids may be done with it by the time dinner is ready. Therefore, homework needs to be lessened by teachers.

A good class in Thomas Jefferson School is the Excel class. In Excel, students are able to complete their homework and other class assignments. However, some students get pulled out for different classes, which means they are not able to complete their assignments. If they can’t complete these, especially if they have a lot of assignments, they will have homework to complete once they are home. Students should not have to get stressed out about due dates on homework. Overall, too much homework can be too much for a child. Kids need to have fun. Too much homework will give them less free time to do that.