Brittney Griner


Who is Brittney?

Griner Brittney Griner is an American professional basketball player. She is 6’9 and she plays center for the Phoenix Mercury WNBA team. She was found guilty on drug charges and sentenced to nine and half years in a Russian jail. She is in jail because she broke the laws in Russia. people think that she was arrested on February 17, 2022(Tikkanen).

History of Brittney Griner

Brittney was born on October 18, 1990, and she is thirty-two years old. She is the youngest of four in her family. When she was young, her mom was a stay at home mom. When she got to high school, she played volleyball and basketball. Brittney was good, so she played with the boys team. In 2009, she graduated from high school and went to Baylor University. In 2012, she helped her team to an NCAA championship. When she was playing, she had a perfect season with a 41-0 record. In 2012, she also won player of the year. When she was done with college, she finished with 3,283 points. When she was done with college, she had completed a Bachelors science degree. When she finished, she moved on to the WNBA she was the 2013 number one pick for the Phoenix Mercury(Tikkanen). 

Brittney Griner vs Sha’carri Richardson

Brittney Griner and Sha’carri Richarson are kind of similar. They both are professionals at what they do but just in different sports. Brittney Griner is a professional basketball player and Sha’carri Richardson is a competitive track runner. They both had punishments because of drugs. Brittney Griner went to jail and Sha’carri Richardson wasn’t able to participate in the Tokyo Olympics. They both went to college. But they went to different colleges Brittney Griner went to Baylor university and Sha’carri Richardson went to Louisiana state university. 

Why Brittney Griner is in Jail

Brittney Griner is in Jail because she was in Russia playing for the UMMC Ekateringburg Russian premiere league. When she went through customs, people found vape cartridges and cannabis oil in her luggage with hashish which is Illegal in Russia so she was brought to a Russian jail which was in February but was not told to the United States until march. She is sentenced to a nine and a half year sentence. The problem is that the U.S government is trying to get her out but Russia is sticking to their laws and not letting her out(Tikkanen).


Problem Solved

A lot of Americans do not believe Brittney should be serving such a long sentence because marijuana laws are different in the U.S . They feel really bad for her because she has a wife and family. But she should have just followed the rules before bringing that stuff into Russia. And people should research laws before they go into another country. Because other countries have different laws. And it is not good to go to jail in another country. Because the U.S government cant do anything because she is not in the same country. But the problem has been solved. There was a guy named Viktor Bout that was in an U.S jail he was a person that sells guns. Brittney Griner and Viktor Bout swapped Brittney Griner went back to America and Viktor Bout went back to the Russian Jail (Tikkanen).


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