Inequality In College Admissions


Harvard University

Harvard University is a prestigious ivy league school. They strive to give good students a great education. Harvard University is an amazing college to get into. So, what’s the big problem? Students are starting to protest against Harvard, and file lawsuits against them. Why? Inequality in college admissions. This means that highly qualified students are not getting accepted into certain colleges based on their race. In this case, Harvard University.

 A History of Inequality

 Students in the past have protested against Harvard, but not for big reasons. Things like food have been past issues, but this year’s issues are different. In 2022, students  started to stand up for themselves and others that have been rejected from Harvard based on their race. Black and Asian American students have started organizations,  so people can learn more about race and its  consideration in college admissions (Duignan).

Harvard University vs. University of North Carolina 

Harvard University and University of North Carolina have both had lawsuits filed against them because of inequality in college admissions. Students are also protesting against both schools. Harvard is getting more backlash,  and there are more lawsuits filed against them. The president of Harvard University say that this challenge puts forty years of legal precedent granting colleges the freedom and flexibility to create diverse campus communities at risk. UNC has been discriminating against Asian American, Black, Hispanic, and Native American students. A spokeswoman for UNC says that the admissions program allows for an evaluation of each student in a thoughtful way (Redden).

Cause of Inequality In College Admissions 

inequality in college admissions is caused by   racial misrepresentation. Colleges also don’t have a lot of LGBTQ+ students. At the University of Missouri, after a horrible shooting, African American students started protesting against racism. Some students were also upset about student debt because it was very expensive for them. More anger came when more white students were getting accepted. The effect was people protesting against colleges because of inequality in admissions (Freedman).

Fixing The College Admission Scandal

The problem is that highly qualified students are not getting accepted into certain colleges based on their race. Some attempted solutions were protesting in front of universities such as Harvard and University of North Carolina. Asian American and black students have also set up organizations for people to learn more about what is happening. One of their final solutions was filing lawsuits against Harvard and UNC, and they are hoping for a final decision in the Spring or Summer of 2023. 



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